Losing Weight and Feeling Good

Like most people, I’ve had too many instances where I found myself wondering how it’ll feel like if I was fitter. It’d be nice to be able to wear anything that I want and be confident about it. So I went on a prowl for the best advanced Garcinia Cambogia extract out there. This is what I found out.

The supplement – the fruit – was originally used in food preparation and preservation. That fact alone made me trust its safety and edibility. In fact, ancient villages, such as in Malaysia, used the substance when making soups that are taken for weight loss because of the fruit’s appetite-suppressant properties. Now, that was a pleasant surprise for me. Even our ancestors had weight problems and they have been using the same stuff as we are today!

In addition, it is one of the most affordable supplements today. It contains a natural extract – hydroxycitric acid (HCA) – which can aid in weight loss. So I did try the product, along with a relatively healthy diet plan and regular exercise. So far, I’ve been losing, on average, a good 4 lbs. per month.

lose weight

Personally, I was wary of the good results, thinking it’s all too good to be true. So, the skeptic that I am, I did some research on what HCA actually does. After all, I don’t want to lose all this weight just for it to jump back on me again. This is what I found out – there are two main ways on how HCA helps me lose weight.

  1. It blocks fat. It does this by inhibiting citrate lyase, which results to a reduction in the production of fat, triglycerides and bad cholesterol.
  2. It suppresses appetite. This is achieved by increasing our body’s serotonin levels, which is responsible for how we feel generally. With a good supply of serotonin, there is less likelihood for us to be anxious or depressed – and we know that these are triggers for emotional eating.

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