How to make a Podcast Website with your own hands

Nowadays there are a great number of web pages which are created every day and it seems to be difficult to overcome your competitors and to attract general public on your site. So you should create any innovative idea and involve high technologies to be successful. Just an example, today nearly every person has a player of any kind and you can make an attempt to create a website with podcasts. To begin with we should work out what is a podcast. As a rule podcast means a song, audio recording or radio program which is kept on your site. To create your own website you will just need a player and computer with internet access and a few time.

If you like this idea and think about having a well-done site with podcasts, let´s look at our wide choice of samples which was done to realize your dreams on We made it so that now you can lose no time on creating your site using available samples.

As soon as you make a choice and decide which sample you will use, you should add your site at search engines introducing meta data on the principal site page. Then it´s high time to begin preparing content for your site and upload it from computer or laptop. To make it follow the next order: “Edit Page Layout” =>”Add Content Box” => “Miscellaneous”. There you will see an option “MP3 Player” where a podcast can be uploaded.

If you need to make content editing you have to click player two times, the same way you should use to upload new files or bring changes in those which exist already. Using option “Advanced Content Editing” you are able to upload directly several files. You won´t be limited in any actions. Using option “Add a new element to MP3 Player” you are able to add a new podcast, give it any name you want and look at it in preview mode. Then, if all done is all right you should choose an option “Add a new element” to save introduced information. So now when you know how to use a site sample you are able to build website and use it as audio library. Working according to this guide which was done exclusively for site making, you are able to add whatever and as much as you want to your site

After preparing content for the site you should begin working with site main page. This also won´t be complicated.

You should move to “Edit content” => “Edit highlighted content”, than make a choice of your podcast site image or motto. To edit main page and important elements of your website you just need to make a click twice on the upper toolbar.

On the WYSIWYG you can see “iBrowser” where new pictures can be added to the site. The same option is available with option “Insert/Edit link”, also it can be used to introduce a text from another site.

Any sample you choose may be corrected according to your needs and with your own hands, it´s so simple that you even won’t need to ask for a help of any professional. Actually you are managing all this process and you don’t have to obey somebody’s wishes or orders. All right, may be you have a problem? You can ask us for helping using chat (as it´s available online, it will be the quickest way) or writing an e-mail, all contact information is introduced at Our support is always ready to explain you everything.

Now you are as near to your new site as you even can’t imagine, just one inch left to touch it. You won’t need any special abilities to make a website, but if you really want to make it and enough purposeful to achieve it, that’s all you need to book a site with Site2you.

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